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Repairing Hair Damage - for all hair types

1.) Cleanse with a hydrating/sulfate free shampoo

2.) Deep condition at least 1x per week

3.) Nourish hair from the inside out ( drink plenty of water, use omega 3 supplements, use vitamins B, C, and D, use collegen supplements as well)

4.) Reduce your exposure to heating tools

5.) Use silk pillowcases/bonnets

6.) Olive Oil Mask: put generous amount of olive oil onto hair and leave for 30 mins, then wash out

7.) Egg & Olive Oil Mask: whisk egg and olive oil together and place on hair. Leave for 30 mins then wash out with cool water

8.) Apple Cider Vinegar Treatment: one cup ACV with two cups water. Mix in a spray bottle and apply to hair. This will eliminate frizz and seal the hair cuticle. After 30 mins, rinse out

9.) Banana Deep Conditioner: two bananas, two tbs honey, four tbs olive oil blend together and apply to hair. Leave in for 30 mins, then wash out

10.) Mayo Strengthening Mask: apply one cup of mayo to hair and comb through. Leave in for 20 mins, then rinse and shampoo. This helps take frizz, strengthen the hair, and soften hair strands

11.)Honey/Yogurt Mask: blend together honey, olive oil, and yogurt (plain) and apply to hair for 30mins, then rinse and shampoo

12.) Aloe Vera Mask: take gel from aloe plant and mix with olive oil. Apply for 30 mins then shampoo. This helps condition the hair

13.) Sunflower Oil Mask: apply generous amount to scalp and throughout the hair. Comb through and leave for 20-60 mins, then rinse and shampoo

14.) Avocado Mask: one avocado with 3 tbs coconut oil. Apply to hair and leave for 30mins then rinse and shampoo. This helps nourish and soften the hair

15.) Black Tea Rinse: apply cooled black tea to hair and leave for 10mins, then rinse. This helps with shine

16.) Rice Water Rinse: apply rice water to hair and let sit for 20mins, then rinse and condition the hair. Do this rinse after shampooing for best results

17.) Do NOT brush wet hair as your hair is most prone to damage when wet

18.) NO high manipulation/ tight hairstyles

19.) Dry your hair with microfiber towel or Tshirt

20.) Use a nourishing oil every other day and focus it on the ends of your hair along with your scalp. (Shine&Beauty's Ultimate Growth Oil is perfect for this)!

Shine&Beauty ✨

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