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At Shine&Beauty, we take pride in our products. We work with our clients to determine their specific needs. Here, we understand what it's like to have to mix products and stress out trying to find a product that works wonders for your unique self. We can help you!
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Learn how to properly care for your hair

Hair Care Tips

**Top Hair Care Tips** Do NOT use a regular bathing towel (cotton) to dry your hairInstead, use a microfiber towelor, air dry your hairor, use an old T-shirt.
Before using a brush, gently try finger detangling as much hair as you can.  
Only detangle hair while hair is wet, please!Detangling hair while dry can lead to breakage, excess shedding and even more single strand knots.
Detangle in sections to prevent breakage.
When brushing your hair, start at the ends first! Starting from your roots may cause unnecessary breakage and excess shedding.  
Preferred tool for curly hair = wide tooth comb! A wide tooth comb allows you to detangle your curls without stressing the hair too much like if you were to use a small tooth comb.
Steer away from products containing sulfates, silicones, parabens, and harsh alcohols.Sulfates - strips too much moisture from hair, leaving it dry and more prone to breakage. Silicones - most silicones are not water-soluble, meaning no matter how much you try to rinse them out, they will not rinse out. This will lead to build-up and the weighing down of type 2 and 3 hair. This will lead to less bounce, less definition, and more straighter looking hair, due to lack of definition.Parabens - may cause excess dryness, which will lead to breakage-prone hair.  Harsh alcohols - can dissolve the natural protective oils of your hair. This can lead to excess shedding, breakage and the overall damage of the hair shaft.  
Sleep with a satin or silk bonnet/ pillowcaseSleeping with a cotton pillowcase causes friction between the hair and the fibers from the pillowcase which will result in frizz and may cause dryness and breakage. 
Do NOT shampoo often (especially) Curly hair!! Curly hair is naturally dry, so shampooing often (every day - every 3 days) can cause excessive dryness and breakage. You may use a co-wash instead! Co-washing will hydrate the hair and preserve your curls :) 
Deep condition the hair weeklyDeep conditioning the hair will save your hair by hydrating your curls routinely, which will prevent breakage and excess hair shedding. Apply your deep conditioner to wet hair and leave in for 20-30 minutes before rinsing hair in COOL water 
Do NOT put hot water on your beautiful hair! This can damage the hair’s cuticle, which can lead to further damage. Please rinse hair with cool - lukewarm water - NEVER EVER hot water When deep conditioning, place a shower cap over all of your hair and scalp. Place a heat cap over your shower cap and leave for 20-30 minutes. (if you do not have a heat cap, you may cover your shower cap with a towel - to preserve heat) 
Test To determine your hair’s porosity:Float test - take a few strands of clean hair and place it in a clear cup of lukewarm waterIf hair floats, you have low porous hair, meaning your hair does not absorb moisture quickly and there’s little to no damage to your hair.If hair sinks halfway, your hair is normal, there’s not much damage, and your hair absorbs moisture at the rate it should. If hair sinks completely to the bottom, your hair is damaged and serious care needs to be taken to revive your hair.  
SlipN’Slide test - run your finger down a strand of hairIf your hair is smooth, little to no damage is present. You have low porous to normal porosity hair.If hair feels a bit bumpy and you feel single strand knots, you have high porous hair and hair is slightly to really damaged and serious love needs to be put forth to save your curls. 
Do NOT use direct heat on hair! Other than using a heat cap for deep conditioning, do not use heat!NO heat styling, hot water, or blow drying hair This can cause breakage and the thinning of hair, along with frizzIf you’re looking to grow your curly hair, only get your ends trimmed when needed. If you notice a very dry change of texture and no matter what you do, your ends always look dry, It’s time for a trim :)
When using hair ties, get hair ties made of silk or satin. Silk or satin will prevent further breakage and frizz. When using hair ties, do not tie the hair too tight to the point where you feel tension around the perimeter of your head. This will cause breakage and thinning of your edges, we don’t want that!When it comes to your curls, treat them right and love on them!  
Shine&Beauty recommendations for curly hair:Choose your favorite hair butter and use this in your braids or twists before bed. Our hair butter will allow your hair to recuperate overnight and be at its best by morning :)Use our caffeine growth oil to grow strong and healthy hair. The caffeine and fenugreek combo will help your hair grow twice as fast as any other oil. Add an essential oil to your caffeine oil for an extra boost :) The magic mane moisturizing hair serum will give curly hair the shine and moisture needed to look and feel its best! This combo of curl loving ingredients will also define your curls! Everyone loves definition, especially us curly girls!! Our herbal leave-in conditioner will leave hair feeling silky smooth and the defining properties are amazing! Also, look for our tea rinses if you’re looking to boost your hair game and never have to worry about lifeless hair again… even on your worst days ( ;     *feel free to message us via email if you have any questions -

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